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TDeez Badass Creations

(443) 345-0060

One-of-a-Kind Wood Products Crafted Just the Way You Want

Dining tables, kitchen islands, coffee and end tables, headboards, sliding barn doors, bar tops, bathroom vanities, desks, shelves, charcuterie boards/flight boards, propane fire pits, and other unique home and gift items are just a few of the things we offer both as DIY projects or custom built for customers by our team.

We proudly use Osmo Oil, Walrus Oil, General Finish and Wisebond products to create our finished works of art (as well as sell these products in our retail location!)

Looking to  purchase our charcuterie/flight boards wholesale? Visit our storefront on Tundra for more details!


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What We Offer

We are all about creating unique wood products that are both practical and artistic. When we look for wood slabs, we are interested in finding slabs that are not only kiln-dried, but unique with character such as spalting, ambrosia and curly grains. We source our wood from all over the Mid-Atlantic area so you don't have to!  We carry more than 700 slabs, cookies, dimensional boards, blocks, reclaimed wood, and driftwood as well. 

In addition to wood, we also offer epoxy resin supplies and mica powders, wood oils and topcoats, wood maintenance and restoration products, and various metal items, table bases, and board handles to make starting your project easy!

Wood Slabs

Customers can purchase raw live edge wood slabs (all kiln-dried), with the majority pre-sanded and planed. Some pieces are small project items while others are more than 10 feet in length. We typically carry more than 700 slabs in 23 different wood species such as maple, cherry, rainbow poplar, hickory, sassafras, elm, black walnut, english walnut and sycamore just to name a few.  By January 2021, we will have a link to our inventory system where you can browse all slabs/materials/finished products. Until then, come check out what we have.

Whether you want to start a small, simple woodworking project or want to create a large, intricate design, we have the materials available at our one-stop shop .

Custom Designs

We offer custom design and finishing of slabs (including the use of epoxy) and furniture in order to create tables, fire pits, desks, shelving, feature walls,  charcuterie/cutting boards, etc. Our customers have the option to choose their slab and let our staff help in coming up with the design to bring out their desired customized look, including CNC engraving/laser cutting. We also feature local artists who use our wood to turn into Badass creations such as chainsaw art, jewelry, coasters, man-cave must haves, serving trays, mugs and other cool unique gifts. 

In addition, design consultation services are offered for interior/exterior areas in commercial and residential locations. Free consultations are available.


Are you interested in learning how to turn wood into amazing furniture and d├ęcor? Watch for more information coming in the Spring of 2021 about virtual and in-person classes where we will teach you everything you need to know to create your own customized projects. Until then, follow us on our Facebook page for video vignettes on various projects we are working on and providing how-to as we go. 


Want to show off that you are a part of the TDeez Badass Community? We offer branded merchandise such as Tshirts, hats, work aprons, mugs, coozies and face masks - wear your item when visiting our store and get 5% off your purchase!

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